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Daisy’s Dog Collars

your #1 pet store for original seashell dog collars.

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Welcome to Daisy’s Dog Collars – your #1 pet store for original seashell dog collars. When you purchase our fancy dog collars, we donate “Five Dollars per Collar” and part of the proceeds to various animal rescues and shelters. We are the only brand in the US making original, all-natural, handcrafted seashell collars.

Daisy’s Dog Collars

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The Original Seashell Dog Collar

Handmade – All Natural Materials

Daisy’s Dog Collars are original, handmade seashells built to last through any activity. Whether you’re hiking through the trails, playing in the ocean, or snuggling at the foot of the bed – Daisy’s Dog Collars has your back (and neck). Our seashell dog collars are double braided with high-quality waxed cord, and we use thick coconut shell buttons with a double stitch to offer extra durability.

Cool Collars Designed for Safety and Comfort

Your furry companion deserves cool pet collars as gorgeous and dependable as they are. Our collars are handmade from natural materials and ruggedly built to last a lifetime. Our pet-safe dog collars are all about comfort, quality, and a perfect fit; nothing more, nothing less! Our unique collars will turn heads and earn your furry friend several compliments, whether you’re hitting the streets, the beach, or the pool.

Available in Various Colors and Sizes

Our cool dog collars are available in different colors and sizes to meet your friend’s unique needs and personality. We use the finest seashells to satisfy the heart of even the most fashion-conscious pet. We know your furry companion will love these products as much as our girl, Daisy, does.

Daisy’s Dog Collars come in 5 sizes, with each shell collar adjustable up to 3 inches. We accommodate all breeds, from puppy to adult, and come in various colors. To find the size your pup needs, click here. We believe every pet deserves a beautiful, long-lasting, and unique collar. Daisy’s Dog Collars does its best with all-natural handmade options that are made to last.

About Daisy’s Dog Collars

We are an online pet supply store selling natural and high-quality pet products. We pride ourselves on being the only brand selling original seashell dog collars in the US. Learn more about us here.

Shop With Us to Help Homeless Animals.

When you buy our seashell dog collars, a percentage of the profits is donated to animal rescue organizations. It helps feed them, get their medical attention, and, most importantly, feel loved. Purchasing our seashell dog collars can help more animals that need a loving and caring home. Learn more about our initiative here.

Daisy’s Dog Collars are patent pending
Beach Photos courtesy of EricSambol.com