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You’ve come to the right place if you want fresh air in your kitchen space with a stunning cabinet transformation.

Cabinet refinishing offers an affordable alternative to improve the style and appearance of your kitchen without spending too much money on new cabinets. 


Cabinet refinishing in 2024 is an affordable and quick way to update the look of your kitchen. The cost depends on various factors, including the material used, kitchen size, and complexity of work.

With a national average cost of $2,975 and a range between $1,500 to $6,000, refinishing kitchen cabinets can save you thousands compared to replacing cabinets with new ones. We also specialize in providing high-quality interior Painting services tailored to your needs. Please call for free estimates at 773.952.1076    stoklosasebastian530@gmail.com 

Stripping existing woodwork
Staining surfaces
Sealing & Protecting
Painting by Hand
Faux Finishing
Antiquing, Crackle, & Glazing Finishes
Color Matching  

The Refinishing Process is our priority. 

Our process is very organized and effective. When we strip the old coating, we make sure we do it with proper attention and do not damage the assets. When we clean and remove the finish, we do it using the best quality products that are not damaging and harmful to your body.

Your cabinet’s finish will determine the kind of remover they need. They could need a more forceful remover for a more difficult task, such as removing many coats of paint or industrial finishes. Guaranteeing that the new surface merges flawlessly with the wood is a crucial step that a skilled expert should complete. That is why we provide the best and most highly trained crew members to complete the task quickly. 

Get a Quote on Your Next Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project 773.952.1076  

Superior Painting Process 

Interior, exterior, residential, commercial, and other painting projects require different methods or processes. Our painting process, though, has some common characteristics:

  • Inspection: This is needed to outline our painting process and determine all necessary moving parts or elements.
  • Painting: After inspection, our painting process gets underway, and we determine necessary coats, difficult-to-paint areas, angles, or fixtures and make sure no spot or area is left uncovered.
  • Finishing: After walls and surfaces are sufficiently covered or coated, finishing is required. This part of our painting process, which includes touch-ups, wholly pulls together a painting project’s overall look.  
 REFINISHING CABINETS & PAINTING professional paint team takes pride in well-applied painting and              quality artistry that will take your breath away

Get a Quote on Your Next  Painting Project 773.952.1076  stoklosasebastian530@gmail.com